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by Herbert Shelton and Walt Goodridge

Fast & Grow Young 3d cover

(468 pages | Size: 6" x 9")
"Excellent work on Fasting. Contains numerous references to additional works by doctors in the field circa time of the writing. ...The best on fasting I have come across so far."--Amazon 5-star review

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PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-1494413798

Order paperback or pdf ebook from our site directly and receive the FASTING PEP TALKS: What to think and say to yourself during your extended fast FREE!
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Fast & Grow Young is Herbert Shelton's 1934--now public domain--classic, Hygienic System Vol II, re-issued under (what we believe is) a great title. Our goal is to provide easy access to this treasure trove of vital information for the benefit of the public's health and healing. This is truly information worth sharing!

Shelton's work underscores the Ageless Living™ philosophy that "the universe is perfect, nature is foolproof and the body is coded to heal."

That perfection, simplicity and coding can be activated by harnessing Sunlight, Water, Earth (including real food), Air and Time (S.W.E.A.T.).

The concept of fasting harnesses time and allows nature--through our coding--to proceed at its own pace to reverse and cure the effects of unnatural/impure light, air, water, earth and unnatural food. There is perhaps no greater, no simpler, no more thorough and no more easily accessible nor practiced cure than fasting. It is nature's first cure--animals are known to fast when ill. The concept is simple: allow the body time to rest from the energy-consuming process of digestion and assimilation and divert all its energy toward healing. This is the simplicity of natural cure, and Shelton's research shows the amazing extent to which this is so.


Much of what you'll discover in Shelton's work will appear at first counter-intuitive. We've been led to believe that constant eating is the basis of strength, vitality and energy renewal when, in fact, just the opposite is true.

You'll discover evidence that true cure can and has been achieved without all of the unnatural, inefficient and often ineffective offerings of our drug-based paradigm of so-called healing. As one noted author commented quite astutely, "Illness is not caused by a deficiency in drugs," therefore, drugs cannot be the answer to health. They simply can't be. That's insanity. In other words, no one says, "I just discovered I have a Prozac deficiency, so I need to take Prozac. How absurd is that??? How on earth can putting foreign, unnatural, non-food chemicals in the body restore health. That's just patently absurd.

You'll discover, as thousands of others have, that nature has had her cure waiting for you to have the courage and discipline required to take advantage of it. You'll discover in great detail how the "physiological rest" of fasting allows the body to engage in the pre-wired, pre-coded process of

• losing weight

• dissolving tumors

• eliminating cancer

• curing diabetes,

• mitigating mental illness

• fighting epilepsy

• curing syphilis

• reducing fibroids

• improving eyesight, hearing and smell, and

• reversing the aging process

"To starve is to die. To fast is to live!"

"Fasting is an absolutely different thing from starvation. One is beneficial; the other harmful. One is a valuable therapeutic measure; the other a death-dealing experiment."--Physical Culture, May, 1915 [as quoted in Fast & Grow Young Chap I]

Digestion and assimilation of food are a tax on the vital powers of the organism and increase the work of the stomach, liver, intestines, heart, lungs, kidneys, glands, etc. The more food eaten the more work these already overworked organs are called upon to perform. How can increasing the work of these organs help the sick? If feeding does not prevent sickness how may overfeeding restore health?--Chap X

"On May 18th, 1933, one of the physicians attending Ghandi; during his fast at that time, reported that on that day, the tenth day of his fast, "despite his 64 years, from a physiological point of view, the Indian leader was as healthy as a man of forty."--Chap XV

"Most men can understand eating to get strong," says Dr. Tilden, "but it takes a long time to educate them to stop eating to get strong." --Chap XVI

Table of Contents

1 Definition of Fasting
2 Fasting Among the Lower Animals
3 Fasting In Man
4 A Bill-of-Fare for the Sick
5 Autolysis
6 Fasting Not Starving
7 Chemical and Organic Changes During Fasting
8 Repair of Organs and Tissues During Fasting
9 The Influence of Fasting On Growth and Regeneration
10 Changes in the Fundamental Functions While Fasting
11 The Mind and Special Senses During a Fast
12 Secretions and Excretions
13 Bowel Action During Fasting
14 Fasting and Sex
15 Rejuvenescence Through Fasting
16 Gain and Loss of Strength While Fasting
17 Gain and Loss of Weight During Fasting
18 Fasting Does Not Induce Deficiency "Disease"
19 Death in the Fast
20 Objections to the Fast
21 Does Fasting Cure Disease?
22 The Rationale of Fasting
23 The Length of the Fast
24 Hunger and Appetite
25 Contra-Indications to Fasting
26 Fasting in Special Periods and Conditions of Life
27 Symptomatology of the Fast
28 Progress of the Fast
29 Hygiene of the Fast
30 Breaking the Fast
31 Gaining Weight After the Fast
32 Living After the Fast
33 Fasting in Health
34 Fasting in Acute Disease
35 Fasting in Chronic Disease
36 Fasting in Drug Addiction
37 Fasting Versus Eliminating Diets
Bonus 1: Stages of Fasting

You'll also get:

• research, case studies and the author's own experience overseeing thousands of fasts during his career.

• answers to questions about fasting and... children, pregnancy, the elderly...

• the stages of fasting; what to expect! All designed to dispel the myths and misconceptions about fasting and take you on an amazing journey of information, inspiration and ideas to help you fast and grow young!

As insightful and accurate as his insights are, Shelton, like many authors, was limited in certain ways by the worldview of his culture and times. Consequently, certain content in Fast & Grow Young may not pass today's standards of political correctness. However, do not let this deter you from full appreciation of Shelton's work. The reader who can make allowances for and dig beyond the biases of Shelton's time will uncover a premise that is, at its core, unassailable: that in his quest for health and youthful vitality, man is best served by looking to nature for guidance and to experience the restorative and rejuvenative and seemingly miraculous effects that fasting produces, and returning to the coded condition of perfect health, long life and the fountain of youth."--Walt Goodridge

My name is Walt Goodridge, editor and publisher of Fast & Grow Young, author of several books on health, and a practicing vegan since 1992. I stumbled upon Shelton's work while doing research for a recent extended fast of my own. In its own uniquely thorough way, Shelton's book confirmed and complemented the philosophy, practices and guidance I offer in my own books--including documentation, research and the author's personal experiences conducting fasts on hundreds of patients.

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In this brief bonus, you'll get my suggestions of what to say to yourself, support for what you're doing, and how to frame the challenges each day brings so you can get through; in other words, how to think and fast long! It's yours free when you order the paperback or pdf directly from fastandgrowyoung.com!

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